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Book Reviews for Local Government

Give Me Liberty - A Handbook for American Revolutionaries by Naomi Wolf, 2008
Naomi Wolf discusses the requirements of citizenship in a democracy and the underlying values.  She presents six sections of very specific and practical advice on participation in a democratic republic.  The book concludes with a chapter explaining the framework of our system and the changes that she would like to see in the future

Free Lunch  -   by David Cay Johnson  - describes the way Corporations and Governmant do business at the expense of the average American and where our taxes really go .....  (How the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at Government expense)

Be The Change by Thomas Linzey
A how-to book on reclaiming control of our governments at the local level from someone who’s been there, done that and is still doing it. The man who helped write the Ecuador Constitution which included Rights of Nature language which are environmental protections that protect nature.

The Daniel Pennock Democracy School 
A “Must” attend for all those who are interested in how to “Be The Change”. For a brief overview of why you need to attend, click here

Arianna Huffington books
All deal with how corporate greed and political corruption have taken power out of the hands of the people and what we can do to reverse these dangerous trends.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve (The Creature of Jekyll Island) by Eustace Mullins – free download.
Get the REAL truth behind the Federal Reserve, the IMF and worldwide currencies. Scary stuff.

The Coming Battle by WM Walbert – Free Download
Similar to Secrets of the Federal Reserve this book looks at the history of the banking systems and where we are heading.

Welcome to the Machine by Derrick Jensen & George Draffan
Another scary book about gaining control over our lives through science, surveillance and byus giving over permission (think 911  and terrorist attacks).

13 Bankers by Simon Johnson & James Kwak
How the concentration of financial power in the hands of so few poses a real and dire threat to all of us. How the power of Wall Street has influenced administrations and the policies they promote.

Who Will Tell The People - The Betrayal of American Democracy by William Greider, 1992
A political/historical look at the antidemocratic conditions in our country.  Greider explores the necessary journey for a truly functioning democracy.

The Silent Takeover - Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy by Noreena Hertz, 2001.
Noreena Hertz explains how the corporations are changing our lives, our society, and our future  -  and are threatening the basis of our democracy.  The final chapter is a discussion on revitalizing politics and renewing our democracy.

Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye, 2005
Kaye explores the singular and very powerful influence of Thomas Paine on the American identity.  The author traces Paine's influence throughout our history and to the present time. Bill Moyers writes that it "stirs the heart, moves the mind, and routs the demons of despair."  To gain a more complete understanding of who we are and who we might become, this volume is a necessary read.

Buried Alive - Essays on Our Endangered Republic by Walter Karp, 1992
This is a collection of essays on American  politics.  Written by Walter Karp who was a journalist and a political historian.  Although they were written decades ago, they are  sharp, vivid and bring a clarity to past events which have led us to today.  He believed that liberty could never be taken lightly and that our constitution assumed a continuous struggle between the interests of the few and the hopes of the many.  The  preface alone, written by Lewis H. Lapham, is worth reading and thinking about and discussing.   

Books of Interest for Transition Towns

Hot Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman
Why the climate crisis can work as our best opportunity to reshape how the world works with regards to energy. Gives wonderful insights and ideas about how to restructure our world for a cleaner, safer, independent, equitable future.
The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler
An overall, depressing look of where we are headed if we don’t do something FAST. Gives a good picture about the downward slope we are on but no real answers about how to reverse the trend.
Plan B 4.0 by Lester Brown
Lester keeps updating his book, originally titled Plan B. Explains the downsides of where we are headed, but also gives a plan for creating a sustainable path for a new economy of green, renewable energy sourcings.
Buildings for a Sustainable Climate by Grahame E. Maisey, P.E. and Beverly Milestone Maisey - coming soon
A history of the built environment, past, present and extremely hopeful future explaining in easy language how we got into our current mess and how buildings, facilities and communities can be the answer to our energy needs.
The Natural Step Story by Karl-Henrik Robert
When one of Sweden’s leading child oncologists realized that many of the cancers he was treating were caused by pollution, he developed The Natural Step. It is a framework utilized to make certain that planning is focused on ecological sustainability. Used by Ikea and Toyota, it helped these companies continue their economic health through recessions and other downturns.

All these can be ordered online of course.
And also through a local, independently-owned bookseller - Big Blue Marble Bookstore in nearby Mt Airy.
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