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 Our Movie Guide  

Meaningful movies bring people and ideas together.  Some below are available online 
Please note - we are not endorsing all the ideas in these movies - some we have not yet seen but have been recommended to us .
Please feel free to send us a review and we will anonymously add your thoughts about the movie.
Or send suggestions of your favorites .  We hope for them to open conversations. 

I Am - 
exceptional movie  by the man who directed or produced   Jim  Carey's  Ace Ventura --
         A discussion of  consumerism & how societies that function best are based on  collaboration not winning
         Those based on winning were considered "unbalanced " by the well functioning societies.

Who killed the Electric car –
excellent movie chronicling the start up - and disappearance of the first electric cars  
Charcoal people
The Energy Gamble
The Power of Community
what Cuba did to rebuild after being left with no energy
Killowatt Ours by Jeff Barrie - a national movement for energy conservation, efficiency & renewables  
Peak Moment TV offers movies about Peak Oil & related issues
The End of Suburbia
Burning the Future- coal in America ironweed good
Fuel by Josh Tickell - a comprehensive and entertaining look at energy in America 
- bio diesel, algae, wind- *
The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard - a 20 minute film viewable online
The Story of Cap & Trade by Annie Leonard - another 20 minute film viewable online
The Last Mountain - long, but excellent - coal pollution and the destruction of the
         Appalachian Mountains by removing them.  It also covers Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s work in this area

Fracking Hell
–  on You Tube 17 mins
The Split Estate
Gasland  -  Josh Fox's Award winning movie about Fracking - excellent    1 hr  49 min
Fracking - online
Frack - the Movie 
– Sandra Steingraber 's
The Story of Bottled Water  by Annie  Leonard

Fresh – **
gives solutions
The Future of Food
Food, Inc.(2008) 
Fed up  2002 ( GMO's , Industrial farming , pesticides )
King corn- GMO's & planting only corn

Around America - how hospital and medical care is inaccessible
Damaged Care- *about Humana & how decisions are made to cover or deny
Do No Harm-whistleblowers at a local hospital
Sicko-  *Michael Moore - compares our system with others


Inside Job- the Market Crash ***
Priceless –excellent film on campaign finance reform  reform. Arizona & Maine have publicly
      funded politicians also in the fraywith the non-publicly funded ones.  Fishing industry, pesticides, farming etc
       are covered to show how the  politicians are "funded" by what they support. There is a 58 min and a 25 min version.
The End of America -  Naomi Wolf   *
Capitalism- A Love Story - Michael Moore – very good
Casino Jack And the United States of Money -about Jack  Abramoff  - lobbying – good 
Zeitgeist –  review of banking from inception     
An Unreasonable man - * About Ralph Nader - who challenged Gen Motors when very young on the safety of vehicles
       after they tried to besmirch his reputation, spied on him etc, he won a 450,000 lawsuit and used it to fight for others
       rights - garnered student support .  He helped found  many organzations - then ran for president .
       Many felt his running diminished the Democratic vote &  caused a Republican president to gain power . After his   

2nd run ( against Kerry ) many lost faith. He still works tireless for his (our) causes. 
Chaos Theory
The Most Dangerous Man   in America
the Wall Street crime of  03-07 & beyond
Rise of Disaster Capitalism '09  Hidden Agenda, Vol. 1:    
The Capitalist Conspiracy”
The End Of Poverty
by Philippe Diaz - the collusion of big business and governments to suppress democracy and human rights in developing countries
The War On Democracy John Pilger focuses on the USA's role in South America (upsetting scenes)
Obama Money Men
Fair Game –  about Valerie Plame
Margin Call –
stock mkt debacle
The Smartest Guys in the Room - 
about Enron

Waiting for Superman


In Transition - premiered Sept 9, 2009 
The Power Down Show (about Transition Towns)
Power Down by Richard Heinberg
Earth Days - the story of the environmental movement


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